Safe stay at The Warren Spa

Covid-19 Booking cancellations

To date we have successfully moved 99% of all our bookings from the lockdown period in 2020 to future dates in 2020 and 2021.

For future bookings and amendment to our current T&C’s we will guarantee all new bookings that if we are forced to close due to covid-19 government lockdown restriction we will offer one of the following. A full refund or moving the booking to a future date.

Please note this only applies to cancellations due to covid restrictions enforced by the government and not during normally operating circumstances. Please refer to out T&C regarding cancellations outside covid lockdown

Our assurance to you regarding Covid-19

All future bookings until the covid-19 pandemic in this country is over will not be offered as same day changeovers i.e. guests arriving on the same day guests are leaving. In fact there will be a minimum of at least 4 to 5 days between guests leaving and guests arriving at the house. As advised by the government’s health advisors this should kill off the covid-19 virus on all surfaces

Our Cleaning procedure during the 4 to 5 days is as follows
Day 1 (10am guests checking out) All bedding stripped and towels bagged ready for washing
Day 2 laundry will be washed at 60 degrees and all surfaces in the house will be disinfected
Day 3 Deep cleansing of the house using disinfectant where required.
Day 4 (4pm before checking in guests) I will personally spray all surfaces and touch areas again with anti-bacteria spray
The above should eliminate any possibility of any virus remaining on any of the house surfaces between guests leaving and guests arriving as there is at least 4 days of rigorous cleaning.

During your stay

During your stay we advise if anyone becomes ill to return home immediately. During your stay we will provide soap and sanitizer for hands and disinfectant for cleaning

There is no social distancing reequipments as one would assume the booking group has satisfied themselves that no one in the group has arrived unwell or suffering from a virus

Stay safe and enjoy your stay